Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And a few more: a yarn embroidery with may too much negative space, a Landscape painting that I did as an adult, probably in 2000 or 2001, and a mosaic I made in art class at Fauquier High School where I attended 8th grade. I got an A for the mosaic & the following year I pretended I'd just made it for an art class in Paris, France where I attended 9th grade. I got an A that year too. The next year my friend Bren had an art class but with a different teacher, so I rented this mosaic to him & he got an A or a B.

"Giraffe" - 1968
Ceramic & linoleum tile mosaic; 22” h x 6” w

"Tiger River" - 1967
Yarn on burlap; 20” h x 28” w

"Landscape" - (full title unknown) - 2000 probably
Ink, iodine, liquid paper on canvas panel; 18” h x 24” w